Qualisteelcoat is an international quality mark for coated steel, specifically developed to maintain coating quality on new steel structures and equipment built or used in more or less corrosive conditions, according to ISO 12944-2.

Qualisteelcoat specifications define the level of quality that both pretreatment and coating systems must meet in order to receive the Qualisteelcoat mark. They also define the procedures imposed on a coating contractor obligated with the Qualisteelcoat mark.

The license granted to the coating contractor or the approval of the coating system are related to the corrosivity of the environment as described in ISO 12944-2. Only protective coatings with high strength properties will be considered. The test level corresponds to each corrosion category; for example: the number of hours of corrosion testing. Both the coating system and the coating contractor can obtain a quality mark for the corrosivity category. The quality mark is also valid and can be used for lower corrosivity categories. The system examined is indicated on the certificate.

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