Projekty realizowane przez Technikor s.c. Projekty realizowane przez Technikor Bis Arkadiusz Kulisiewicz

Projects executed by Technikor s.c.

Projects executed by Technikor Bis Arkadiusz Kulisiewicz


In connection with the granting our company a grant from the ERDF under the project "improving the competitiveness of the company TECHNI-KOR s.c. by implementing innovative production technologies and new services" we invite our customers to familiarize with our new range

  1. 1. Plastic coating - is a new innovative method of surface protection which guarantees resistance to various chemicals and weather conditions. PPA thermoplastic powders are specifically formulated to provide long-term adhesion to carbon steel and aluminium substrates without the need for a primer. The use of this method is particularly recommended in cases where high resistance to sunlight, salt spray and other atmospheric contaminants is required - a novelty on a national scale.
  2. 2. Fireproofing painting - a kind of wet painting, multi-layer painting which is a fire protection coating of the piece, preventing it from deforming in contact with fire. The service is based on a special modern technology of multi-layer application of special paints, which when properly applied are non-flammable.
  3. 3. Wet coating - enables the coating of very large elements which do not fit in the oven for curing powder coats. This method is used in objects whose elements must meet the highest requirements in terms of quality and durability of external appearance and may be exposed to above-average influence of natural or industrial factors.
  4. 4. Hydrodynamic coating - an innovative method that allows to achieve a perfect final effect with the use of a hydrodynamic unit. The coating dries very evenly due to fast (about 1000 m2 in 10h) paint application. With this method of coating, as much as 15% savings in paint consumption is achieved. This type of coating is particularly suitable for large surfaces.
  5. 5. Shot peening - it is an abrasive blasting treatment consisting of cleaning metals, including stainless steel (brightening) with ceramic or glass beads in order to give a properly aesthetic appearance to the pieces.


Within the framework of the received subsidy we are introducing a new improved method of preparing pieces for anti-corrosion coating.
Previously, the removal of contaminants from parts to be painted was done by sandblasting. The installation of high-efficiency dedusting equipment in the new shop floor will make it possible to replace the abrasive used so far (sand) with more efficient shot. Shot blasting, as opposed to sandblasting, is considered to meet much more stringent quality requirements, which contributes to improved protection of the natural environment.