Sandblasting of steel components

At TECHNIKOR, we deal with the sandblasting of steel components, including car parts. We properly protect steel from external conditions, and preserve it on a regular basis by applying suitable paints and removing impurities or corrosion spots. Sandblasting of fixed components involves the thorough cleaning of small parts, such as parts from cars, motorcycles, or other vehicles. It makes these components more aesthetic and, more importantly, better protected from corrosion.


When should I decide to sandblast steel components?

Steel components are sandblasted most frequently when they are damaged. In our powder coating line, we remove imperfections from car parts and other steel structures you want to restore. Any irregularities are removed, and the surface is given better adhesion for layers of different products, such as the powder paints used in powder coating. If you want to obtain a smooth, degreased, and cleaned surface for a steel component, this is the best method. If you have any concerns, contact us – we try to answer any question you may have regarding sandblasting and other services.